Welcome to Brainerd Lakes Surgery Center

We are an ambulatory surgery center, meaning when choosing us, you have the convenience of returning to your home the same day as your procedure. In addition to convenience, we offer cost-effective, high quality care. We know having surgery can be intimidating, so our goal is to provide a friendly, comfortable experience. Our exceptional team of staff will provide support every step of the way. We look forward to caring for you!

Our Mission

The Mission of Brainerd Lakes Surgery Center is to provide cost effective, efficient ambulatory surgery. We strive to exceed the expectations of both the patients and physicians. We foster a caring atmosphere as a means of touching and caring for all people.

Our History

Brainerd Lakes Surgery Center first opened its doors in January of 2005. What began as an ambitious joint venture between 22 community physicians and St. Joseph’s Medical Center, has now become a well-known and integral part of the healthcare system in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

With nearly 30 providers, our multi-specialty facility sees over 5,000 patients per year. Our four fully-equipped operating rooms, five recovery bays, 17 patient rooms and waiting area provide a warm, welcoming environment.

We have established a reputation for providing exceptional care through our devotion to keeping our patients and their families at the heart of what we do. From our office staff, to nurses and surgery personnel, we use a teamwork approach, and strive to offer a safe, friendly, enjoyable experience.


Surgeons currently practicing at the surgery center:
Adam Ahlquist
Annette Bartel *
Ross Bengtson *
Eric Chapman *
Gates Cook *
James Dehen *
Troy Duininck *
Mark Hightower
Amy Lelwica *
Nicholas Lesmeister *
Philip Manger *
Joseph Merck
Christopher Metz *
Ashley Nord *
Alicia Prahm
Ethan Kraft
David Sabir *
Patricia Segler
Steven Senica
Stacy Sjoberg *
Kirsten Sjostrand
Paul Thompson *
Kurt Waters *
Paul Rud*
*Physicians holding partial ownership in Brainerd Lakes Surgery Center

Brainerd Lakes Surgery Center (BLSC) is a fully accredited facility by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. (AAAHC).

This is the highest third-party recognition that a surgery center can achieve and is considered to be the gold standard for the industry. To achieve this status, BLSC had to complete a comprehensive review of its quality of care as well as undergo a rigorous site visit to ensure the center’s operations and facilities met or exceeded prescribed standards.

What our patients say

A family member of ours recently had a procedure with Dr. Kraft, we cannot speak more highly about the surgery center and their whole team, from reception to discharge. Everyone was kind, compassionate, informative and gave us multiple opportunities/ time to process and ask questions. We are very grateful for them!
Kelsey V
Google Reviews
I just got out from my nasal polyp removal; the doctors and nurses were kind and amazing. The Anesthesiologist asked me about my favorite band and when I told him, he pulled up Prizmax's song Mysterious Eyes for me as I was going under!

they were caring and kept checking in to see if I was doing okay before and after the procedure. Would recommend this place to friends and family big time :D
Dark S
Google Reviews
Dr Paul Thompson and all of the staff I dealt with were absolutely at the top of there game!!! I have had four surgeries at the surgery center by Dr. Thompson and his staff and have been treated wonderful every time. Thank you all for doing such a great job! <3
Kimberly B
Google Reviews
Being somewhat new to the area I was hesitant to know what care we would get. Dr. Colin Zdenek did my foot surgery and he has been awesome to work with. The surgery staff also was way above excellent. Caring, compassionate, kind and very knowledgeable. I definitely would recommend the Brainerd Lakes Surgery Center.
Jabs M
Google Reviews
Very happy here. My wife and I have both had surgeries here and experienced great things! The nursing staff are friendly and helpful. Dr. Hecker was really great to have for anesthesia. Can't say enough good about the place.
Andy G
Google Reviews
I had a minor procedure done today, but you would never known because Dr. Lelwica and her staff went above and beyond to be sure that I was taken care of and comfortable. They were professional, kind, and I would not hesitate to pick them again if I need another surgery!
David Q
Google Reviews
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Advance Directive

For information regarding Advance Directives, please contact your healthcare provider or follow the link below.


Preparing for your Total Joint Replacement

• Register for your preoperative class 218-454-8469.

• Begin your pre-operative exercises as shown in your guidebook.

• Choose your coach.

• Stop Smoking.

• Maintain or achieve a healthy weight.

• Schedule your preoperative physical and any needed lab work.

• Prepare your home- adjust furniture to clear walking paths and remove all throw rugs. Have a comfortable, supportive chair for after surgery.

Medications and supplements to avoid before surgery

Avoid these non-sterodial anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDS)
Actron Caplets
Advil Migraine
Anapox DS
Bayer Select Pain Relief
Formula Caplets
Children's Motrin
Mefenamic Acid
Midol 1B
Motrin IB
Orudis KT
PediaCare Fever
Saleto 200
Avoid these Vitamin E Products (and all multivitamins with vitamin E)
dalpha E
Aquasol E
Vita-Plus E
E-1000 IU Softgels
All multivitamins
Medicines to Take Instead
You can take acetaminophen and products that contain it. They do not affect your platelets and will not increas your chance of bleeding. Do not take more than 4 grams in one day: very high doses can cause liver damage.

The patient has the right to:

Patient Rights and Responsibilities
The following are the patient’s rights and responsibilities; it is the patient or their surrogate’s responsibility to read the following and ask questions.
• The right to be treated with respect.
• The right to know the name of the physician who has primary responsibility for coordinating his or her care and the names and professional relationship of other physicians who will see this patient.
• The right to know that ownership of the surgery center may include the surgeon that is responsible for their care. It is their right to change their provider if other qualified providers are available.
• The right to receive information from the physician regarding their condition, course of treatment and prospects for recovery in “easy to understand” terminology, in order to give informed consent or to refuse this course of treatment. The patient has the right to be fully informed about a treatment or procedure and the expected outcome before it is performed. As directed by the patient, information may be provided to a designated person.
• The right to participate actively in decisions regarding his/her medical care, to the extent permitted by law. The right to refuse treatment. The right to refuse to participate in experimental research. The patient has the right to be free from all forms of abuse or harassment. To exercise his or her rights without being subject to discrimination or reprisal.
• The right to receive “Advanced Directives” information. If you have questions regarding “Advanced Directives” please ask a staff member.
• The right to privacy. Case discussion, consultation, examination and treatment are confidential and will be conducted discreetly. The patient’s written permission shall be obtained before medical records can be made available to anyone not directly concerned with the patient’s care.
• The right for the patient to leave the surgery center even against medical advice.
• The right to ask that your record be corrected if you believe it is not accurate or not complete, or to be told how to add a statement that you disagree with information in the record.
• The right to be informed by the physician or delegate of continued health care requirements following discharge from Brainerd Lakes Surgery Center.
• The right to exercise these rights without regard to sex or culture, economic, educational, or religious background; without being subjected to discrimination or reprisal; without regard to the source of payment for his or her care.
• The right to complain about medical care given; to be informed of available resources for resolving disputes, grievances, and conflicts; without fear of reprisal; and have access to state and federal assistance in clarifying ethical issues guiding treatment decisions. The right to participate in resolution of those issues.
Patient Responsibilities
The staff of this facility is committed to caring for their patients and families with the highest standards of care. Patients and caregivers are provided with their responsibilities so they may participate in receiving quality patient care.
The patient, surrogate and/or caregiver are responsible for:
• Providing accurate and complete information about present complaints, allergies, or sensitivities, past illnesses, hospitalizations, all medications, including but not limited to over-the-counter products/dietary supplement and other health matters to the best of your knowledge.
• Reporting any changes in your condition.
• Information regarding advanced medical directives or living will; including power of attorney. In an emergency, the Brainerd Lakes Surgery Center’s staff will act to employ all life saving measures while you are under our care.
• Following the treatment plan recommended to you; including providing a responsible adult to drive them home and stay with them for 24 hours. The consequences of non-compliance, refusal of recommended treatment or not following instructions given to you.
• Assuring financial obligations are fulfilled promptly.
• Consideration of the rights of other patients and the center’s personnel.
• Responsible for asking questions if directions and/or procedures are not understood.

For grievances about your medical care, you may call or contact:
The Surgery Center’s Administration
13114 Isle Drive
Baxter, MN 56425
218-822-2400 and/or
MN Dept. of Health
Office of Health Facility Complaints
85 E 7th Place, Suite 300, PO Box 64970
St. Paul, MN 55164
Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman
800-663-4227 https://www.medicare.gov/claims-appeals